Bouhony Laurene Grace de Synthia, a fresh graduate of ULIM from Congo:
“I chose ULIM, an attractive institution for the foreign students”

One of the scientific interest events, remarked by the university professors, was the recent defense of the Licentiate project – Cultural shock and the anxiety in case of foreign students, passed by the fresh graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance, Bouhony Laurene Grace de Synthia, native from Congo. The author realized a research regarding the identification of the defining elements of the cultural shock, faced by the young students from Congo.

“I am pleased with the students from ULIM, where I have excellent conditions to learn and to research. At first, I had linguistic difficulties for Romanian language, later I integrated in the society from here. I chose ULIM because it is an attractive higher education institution and with a great opening toward foreign students”, said Bouhony Laurene Grace de Synthia.

Angelina Olaru, The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM