The graduate Andrei Carandiuc, entrepreneurship in Canada:
” ULIM has been and is a top University”

Andrei Carandiuc, a graduate with Licentiate and Master higher education at ULIM, class of 2003 of the Faculty Economic Sciences and its structure - Francophone stream -Gestion et administration des entreprises, is the founder and owner of a transport company in Canada-CA GLOBAL CARGO. The activity of young man is related to the management and administration of own business. Up to graduation at ULIM, he studied in France at the Université Stendhal-Grenoble III and the Centre Universitaire d'Études Françaises. During the period of studies at ULIM, Andrei Carandiuc has been specialized in international economic relations and finance.

After graduation, he continued his studies at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC)/School of Advanced Commercial Studies- Programme d'échange International Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  HEC is a program of the University Agency of Francophonie (AUF), intended for the best students, beneficiaries of scholarships, which cover in whole expenses for study abroad.

From several years from graduation, Andrei Carandiuc says:"ULIM has influenced my career and even my whole life. During the period of studentship, ULIM was a young academic institution already appreciated by young, being placed in the very heart of Chisinau.

ULIM has been and is a top University. Well trained professors and enormous possibilities of learning, through diversity programs of studies, depending on students’ options - were and are the advantages of this institution of higher education,” says Andrei Carandiuc.

Angelina Olaru,  Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM