ULIM against plagiarism
Copyright and the digital environment

The phenomenon of plagiarism in academic environments has been a major concern for ULIM teachers and students for many years. In this context, today, teachers and scientific editors of institutional magazines have benefited from a workshop on "Copyright and the Digital Environment", supported by Mr. Andrei Moisei, coordinator specialist at the State Agency for Intellectual Property. He analyzed the plagiarism phenomenon under the conditions of the new information technologies. Despite a solid legislation in this chapter, there is a debat in all institutions from Moldova, lack of a severe control over the recognition of intellectual property as private rights.

Ms. Elena Prus, vice-director for research, mentioned the importance of this training for ULIM teachers, who are also researchers. She referred to citations techniques by respecting the rights of authors. Ms. Elena Prus highlighted the particular interest of ULIM's leadership regarding to combating the plagiarism phenomenon in higher education.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM