Professors of Canada and USA will continue the practical lessons for students jurists

During the last decade of February, the Faculty of Law will provide again the optional course Critical thinking and advocacy in a free society, taught by jurists of USA and Canada. Traditionally, the Faculty of Law of ULIM in cooperation with USA Embassy and “Leavitt” Institute for International Development will organize English lessons specific to lawyers activity and criminal process with the implication of foreign professors, who work as judges, lawyers and prosecutors. At the end of the course, LIM will host the semifinal and the final of the republican competition of trial processes. The winners will benefit of scholarships in USA and Canada.

Nina Sili, a 2nd year student at Master Degree at the Faculty of Law, currently jurist at Daniel Cobzac Lawyer’s Office, was chosen amongst the winners of the national competition of the previous year. She benefited of internship in Utah state. Together with other students jurists of the Republic of Moldova, chosen by “Leavitt” Institute for International Development, she was present at different trail sittings – for minor children, contravention files, criminal files and lawsuits.

We mention that ULIM had in the previous years students chosen by Canadian and American experts, who proved an excellent training and who achieved remarkable results within internships, passed abroad. Iulia Bradu, LoredanaGamurari, Ana Indoitu, AdelinaHarunjen and Marius Chirita are young jurists who had the chance to study more detailed the Anglo-Saxon law system.

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