An exceptional lecture for the future translators, sustained by Emilian Galaicu-Paun

The students of the Faculty of Letters, future translators, benefited today of an exceptional lecture, a true master-class, sustained by Mr. Emilian galaicu-Paun, one of the most appreciated writers, editors and Romanian translators at the invitation of the Roman Philology Department “Petru Rosca”.

A fan of the creation of Michel Pastoureau, E. Galaicu-Paun sustained a true lecture from the prospect of experienced practitioner, whose brilliant activity is written on thousand pages of universal history, in general and on Romanian ones, especially.  He translated massively from Jean-Michel Gaillard, Anthony Rowley, Mario Turchetti, Boris Pasternak, Roland Barthes and others, transforming himself into a profound reader and managing to recalibrate his language according to the author and read and translated creation.

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