IREX Europe and Free Europe station, is supporting the formation of future journalists

Viorica Tcaci, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education, attended the internship at Free Europe Radio station. It was a successful experience for the future journalist. The young student, applied for a scholarship to the IREX Europe project in January last year, and won a two-month internship at Free Europe Radio station. The ULIM student has produced a series of audio and video materials that have been broadcast live and published on the site of this media institution.

Based on these journalistic productions supported by lecturer Ludmila Lazar, ULIM students organized a meeting with Ms Daniela Galai, coordinator of IREX Europe, Strengthening Independent Media and Media Education in Moldova, the journalist Liliana Barbarosie from Free Europe Radio and representatives of the Social Mission "Diaconia", by Ana Ceban and Doina Gogu.

The students were thoroughly informed about the Strengthening Independent Media Program and Media Education in Moldova, which offers real opportunities for beginner students and journalists to spend paid internships in known media institutions and even later to become future professionals.

Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM