Natalia Bantus – Gurduza, ULIM’s Graduate and Ex-Scholar of German Bundestag, Values Her Experience in Republic of Moldova

Natalia Bantus-Gurduza is one of the most highly appreciated graduates of ULIM, Law Faculty, promotion 2006. Currently, she is an officer of the Parliament’s Secretary Office of the Republic of Moldova and the main counselor in the Commission for culture, education, research, youth, sport and mass-media. After graduation, she made her Master and Doctor studies in the country and abroad.

În Bundestagul German

She was the scholar of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienne – Special Studies in International relations and of German Bundestag. After a period of studies deepened in the field of law, international relations, foreign languages, trips and professional internships, Natalia Bantus-Gurduza decided that is the moment to return to Republic of Moldova and to contribute to the development of the country and to share to other young people her experience.

La studii, alături de Stephan Mayer, deputat în Parlamentul Germaniei

“From the beginning, I appreciated the professors, the colleagues and the wide horizons, created by this university. I had educators that made me responsible and gave me courage in order to prove subsequently that the efforts were not in vain. Some of them became my colleagues.

I especially appreciate at ULIM the numerous international projects, which create opportunities of development for students in learning foreign languages, participating at international cultural thematic events, communicating with representatives of different cultures and ethnicities. Thus, ULIM’s life is more “colored” than in other university institutions”, says Natalia Bantus-Gurduza in a large interview on her post-university experience in Republic of Moldova, Austria and Germany.

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Angelina Olaru, the Service of Marketing and Communications, ULIM