The internationalization of ULIM, an essential condition for increasing the quality of the educational process

Academic internationalization is an essential objective of ULIM leadership to develop research, increase the quality of the educational process and create new opportunities in the context of opening towords to globalization. Mr. Rector Andrei Galben stressed at the last session of the ULIM Senate that the administration will continue to invest in cooperation with foreign partners in order to promote high standards of our institution and to promote them abroad. Mr. Vlad Chirinciuc, Vice-Rector for International Relations, presented an evaluation report on the stages of the internationalization of university processes at ULIM in the academic year 2016-2017. Here's a review of the most valuable accomplishments in the last year.

ULIM confirms its position as a leader of higher education in Moldova

For the third consecutive year, ULIM was included in the world ranking U-Multirank-2017, the 4th edition, initiated by the European Commission in May 2014, and confirms its position as the leader of higher education in Moldova. Multirank-2017 is a global classification tool for universities.

The strengths of ULIM, confirmed by U-Multirank-2017, are: the high share of bachelor's and master's programs in foreign languages, academic staff from outside the country, scientific degrees awarded to foreign citizens, strategic partnerships, high share of graduates and masters employed in the region, high rate of promotion of bachelor's and master's programs in the regulated period, art output, internships for students, organized in the country and abroad, etc. (see the rankings here:!/home?trackType=home&sightMode=undefined& section =entrance)

ULIM, among the most prestigious universities in the Republic of Moldova

According to the latest ranking of the Ranking Web of Universities, developed by the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, ULIM has entered the top third of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in Moldova. Compared to the results of the same ranking achieved last year, ULIM has substantially enriched its position, which is due to the academic excellence promoted by the management and the entire teaching-scientific staff.

ULIM, among the founders of the Silk Road Alliance of Chinese Business Institutions and the Central and Eastern European Countries

ULIM is among the founders and full members of the Silk Road Alliance of Chinese Business Institutions and the Central and Eastern European Countries - (member certificate of June 10, 2017). For more details, please access the link:

The new alliance has proposed to associate important business schools around the world, build a cross-border communication platform for students, researchers and entrepreneurs , in order to promote and disseminate commercial, economic and educational information, for creating a global club of business institutions.

Extraordinary ceremony at ULIM, publicized abroad

One of the forefront academic events of the current year was the awarding with the title of Doctor Honoris Causa ULIM philosopher, linguist and world sociologist Jacques Demorgon, a professor at the universities of Bordeaux, Reims and Sorbonne in France.

Currently, ULIM is a full member of the following international organizations:

  • European University Association (EUA)
  • Francophone University Association (AUF)
  • International Association of Universities (IAU)
  • International Association of University Presidents (IAUP)
  • European Law Faculties Association (ELFA)
  • European Language Council (ELC)
  • Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI)
  • Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability (GUPES)
  • The Silk Road Alliance of China's Business Institutions and the Central and Eastern European Countries (ESR).

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