Dian Ceri, a coordinator of American Councils Moldova - a ULIM’s successful graduate

Dina Ceri is one of the graduates with successful careers, who made her studies at the Faculty of Psychology, Sciences of Education and Social Assistance, the promotion of the year 2013. As she knows English and Korean languages, the young girl benefits of numerous professional opportunities. Daniela related her career to USA and Korea. After she graduated ULIM, the young girl worked a period of time in USA as translator of Children’s Emergency Relief International Organization (CERI), where she made volunteering during the years of studies.

When she returned to the Republic of Moldova, in 2014, she was employed as coordinator for the Fellows Program within the American Councils for International Education, which grants scholarships for professional internships to USA to certain citizens of the Republic of Moldova. Thanks to her success in studying the language and the culture of Calm Morning Country at ULLIM, Dina benefited of a scholarship at Sungkyul University, for an exchange of experience of four months.

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