“The culture, a window opened between our states”
The Days of South Korea at ULIM ended with an exceptional spectacle

The Days of South Korea at ULIM ended with a spectacle for those who are passionate about the language and the culture of the Land of the Morning Calm, hosted by the National Philharmonic “Serghei Lunchevici”. The event was honored by the presence of the ambassadors of USA, Poland, Korea in the Republic of Moldova and of other diplomatic representatives at Chisinau. The spectacle was dedicated to the 25th anniversary since there was established the relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Korea and nine years of activity of the Center of Korean Culture and Language “Se Jong”, there were also special guests from South Korea, China, Ukraine and Romania.

His Excellence Lee Yang-Goo, the ambassador of South Korea in the Republic of Moldova remarked the warm atmosphere of the event and the increasing number of those interested in the civilization of his country. The diplomate mentioned the ascending dynamic of the political, economic and sport relations between our states, “the culture is an open window of mutual acquaintance”.

The rector and the academician Andrei Galben greeted those present in the name of the ULIM Senate. “It is nice and natural the today’s event, but many do not know that it was difficult to achieve these moments that enjoy us. Years ago, the communist governance hindered our cooperation.

Therefore, I plead repeatedly for the training of good specialists of the Republic of Moldova in the diplomatic art. Korea made a lot of efforts in order to establish, develop and the content of bilateral relations between our states, and we remain faithful to the noble mission to promote the values of a great oriental civilization”, declares Mr. Andrei Galben.

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