Book for Bessarabia, at ULIM
A donation of 3000 volumes was awarded by the "Blessing Hearts" Association from Iasi

One of the memorable events, at ULIM (Free International University of Moldova), December the 1st , the National Day of all Romanians, there was a donation of 3000 volumes of Romanian and Universal literature, as well as books of psychology and medicine, offered by the Association "Blessing Hearts" from Iasi. At its third edition, the charity project "Book for Bessarabia" meets the desire of young generation from Bessarabia to study books in Romanian. On December 1, on a historic day in which we celebrated 99 years of the Great Union in Alba Iulia, the "Blessing Hearts" Association, in collaboration with psychologist Oana Rotaru and Dr. Holamali Mohammadifard, director of the Center for Counseling Psychology and Orientation in Career, provided ULIM 3000 volumes in Romanian.

Donation is also in the context of the Centenary of the Great Union, "a Romanian book campaign across the Prut, that does not separate us, but unites us, "the organizers say.

The Service of Marketing and Communication, ULIM